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卓艺国际人才培训位于南加州橙县森林胡市,以中国民族民间舞,Hip Pop Dance, Popping Dance,Breaking Dance and Model Training 为主人才培训中心,非传统化的教育理念,结合东西方文化总结出独到的有效的教学方法. 在保证教学质量为前提,愉悦快乐中学习舞蹈的全新教学理念;国内外专业资深的导师团队,均来自国内外舞蹈艺术专业院校、拥有丰富的教学及舞台经验的舞蹈艺术从业者。通过舞蹈重新认识自己,以舞蹈艺术塑美、以舞蹈艺术化人、以舞蹈艺术传爱。


Excellence Y Int’l Corp is located in Lake Forest, Orange County, Southern California. It‘s talent Training centers are Chinese folk Dance, Hip Pop Dance, Popping Dance, Breaking Dance and Model Training. Combine eastern and western culture to sum up unique and effective teaching methods. On the premise of ensuring the teaching quality, the new teaching concept of learning dance in happiness. Professional and senior tutor team at home and abroad, all from domestic and foreign dance art professional colleges, dance art practitioners with certain teaching and stage experience. Through dance, we can understand ourselves anew, make beauty, people and love through dance.

Dancing may not be everyone’s career dream, but dancing can leave unforgettable memories in a lifetime. Dance training is mainly to improve the coordination of the body and the sense of music rhythm, and then form an elegant aesthetic feeling in the body. This is a core part of dance training. Through dance training, I can quickly develop my performance ability, show my personality, improve my self-confidence, form a bright, optimistic and challenging personality, and enhance my friendship and communication skills. Zhuoyi dance training is suitable for participating in exhibition and performance activities inside and outside the school, leading children to the stage, competition and performance, and fully feeling the happiness brought by dance.

Michelle, Wang

Excellence Y Int’l 卓艺国际 联合创始人兼中国舞(民族民间,古典)舞蹈老师
  • 从事舞蹈艺术19年
  • 毕业于:首都师范大学科德学院影视表演专业
  • 山东省烟台艺术学校中国舞表演专业
  • 2010受邀参加,纽约电影学院中美文化交流研讨会
  • 2010受邀参加,拉斯维加斯表演艺术项目,中美文化交流研讨会
  •  中国民族民间舞等级教师资格证书
  • 中国舞少儿基本功技术技巧教学法教师资格证书
 Excellence Y Int’l Co-founder and Chinese dance (folk, classical) dance instructor
  • Related Dance Arts 19 years
  • Graduated from: Capital Normal University, Kede College, majoring in film and performance
  • Chinese dance performance major of Yantai Art School in Shandong Province
  • 2010 Invited to attend, New York Film Academy Sino-US Cultural Exchange Seminar
  • 2010 Invited to participate, Las Vegas Performing Arts Project, Sino-US Cultural Exchange Seminar
  • Chinese National Folk Dance Grade Teacher Qualification Certificate
  • Chinese dance children’s basic skills technical skills teaching method teacher qualification certificate